Monday, July 16, 2007

Its been a looooooong time since I have been here........16th July 2007

I started work, with a company called CBS Communications, it was pitiful to work there..... nobody talks to anyone, it felt like being back in school in the 4th grade!! so since I had said I would work temp, to see how it suits either party - I gave up after three weeks..... and to my good luck found another temp, so here I am busy working, and keeping busy - I enjoy this job, its working with very nice friendly people..... In the meanwhile, got possession of our house, and we are now busy decorating, laying new flooring and its been fun, shopping for appliances and I am so excited, that I wished I had more time.... although I have not done any stamping, I was featured in the UK paper crafts magazine, this was a card, I copied from one of the cards that I had seen on Technique Junkies....... I was happy!!

Got to go, as I have loads to do, shall see you soon!!