Monday, July 19, 2010

A whole week....

has flow by so quickly, I have been busy with daily appointments with the various clinics I attend to control my pain issues!! I have also made some progress in my craft room, and will soon be posting up pics....
Hope you come back soon as I have a surprise in my next post..... Bye for now, wishing you all a happy Monday and also a happy week........ I have a workshop in Tadlowe!!
See you soon!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quite a weekend.........searching for my lost mojo!

Well, this weekend was fabulous, the weather, food et all... Chris took me to the Chambridge fair - it was fun, specially as we heard this young band - Th' Parish, it was fab, the singer had a style that was amazing - reminded me of one of the woodstock bands!! well I got their CD, with the singer to sign it, so in the near future I will say, I met this band in person!! Ha haha!
Health wise, I am doing a lot better, and hoping that my hands get better and better! on another note, my friend Kathy is going away for the summer, so I am feeling a bit sad as I will miss her, specially our chats!! have a fun trip girl and we shall stay in touch!
I don't have any cards to post, as I have found out I have simply lost my mojo... am trying so if I do get inspired I will be back with it soon! Take care and have a fun sunny day! it been dull here, but it is dry!! Thank you for stopping by!! Hugs always!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Great Sunny weather........and some cards

I had made these cards some time ago, for the England Stampers mingle - Feminine Vintage! but never got down to posting them, so here they are... Hope you like them!

I am keeping myself positive, Chris went camping this weekend, to take part in an Amateur Radio Contest in Catworth, Cambridgeshire - so I cooked lunch for the boys today, on the menu was Saffron Rice, Chicken Chatpata, Goan Vindaloo, Cucumber Raitha with lots of papadums! well when we got back there was nothing left over! so I think they liked the food! All the chopping was done by Chris before he left for his ARC expedition!! a good day was had by all!

I also managed to soak in some sun today! And now working on a project that I did not finish at a class I took last week! so I better put it together or I will forget what I need to do!!

To all my American friends a Happy 4th of July, when we lived in the US, I would be at the craft store getting my 50% coupons in action! I surely miss that!! at last take care, and thank you for visiting me here! I will be back with my project soon!

Hugs always!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I feel better and better...

Oh my Goodness!! it has been the longest time MIA from blog Land for moi??? Well all I can say is wish you a great weekend and a sunny month of July! Although, I have not been posting cards, I tried to keep some of the Stampin'up news updated!!

So, you see I am still alive, obviously, as I am typing this yukk!!! I’ve been pretty ill with one problem after another, Its the pain that I am living with which is effecting my hands and I am not very happy about it!!Since nobody can find out what is causing the pain it has made me very depressed, specially when your mind is racing with ideas and things you want to do, but your body is simply saying no!! Well, my hobby of Stamping has kept me sane, not sure that I am stamping a lot, but believe me buying a lot of stuff....

In the last few month I’ve moved out of my craft room into my newly built stamping studio, as I like to call it! I promise I will post some photos of it soon, possibly this week, if I don't have more bouts of pain!

So I hope you are not bored with my post, I do have a few cards made and will surely post them soon, and as soon as I have my Stampin' Studio up and working I do intend to be back in full swing and pray my body will behave itself!!

Thank you for your time! Have a fun day!