Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting there........

Wow.... time seems to fly by pretty quick... I have had my tooth problems again and this time will have to find a new dentist!!!! I feel so ill, that I could simply curl up and go to bed again..... Chris is in Paris and we are having some friends coming in tomorrow for a weeks holiday from Scotland!!
So again I am busy, busy,
I am getting into making new friends in the crafting/stamping groups in the UK. Have met Beckie through my Technique Junkies Group as well as Kathy, looking forward to sharing some stamping and art work with them!
Well, with all the excitement from the US with the new catalogue coming out on the 11th of August, I cannot wait to see what will be in our new catalogue....... I took part in a lot of swaps for the convention, and one of my friends from North Carolina placed my RAK card in her SCS Gallery, I could not believe the amount of hits I got.... want to have a look here it is!
So I better learn how to upload my work!! I need to learn how to operate my hightec camera??LOL
Keep you updated in the meanwhile, got to get back to work!! Have a wonderful day..... it is indeed a great day here in Cambs!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, I am back.......

Since the last time I have posted, many things have happened, our conservatory is complete and we moved in and enjoying the space!! and since its summer here in England .... doing a bit of outdoor work has kept me busy.... and my dreadful tooth ache, which almost killed me!!
Only the good they die young???
Yesterday was a great day, as my Stampin-up Up-line came to visit with me, she was overwhelmed with all the stamping stuff I have.... we had a good few hours to chat and she helped me with my ordering, well she also took some photos for her blog.... I am yet to learn how to use my sophisticated high end cybershot camera I got last christmas!! here is the link to her blog just in case she has put them there!!
I have also joined Kathy, at the South England Yahoo Group!! although we have not met in person yet, I feel that we have a past life karma... you will understand it when you visit her blog!!
Well I had my first workshop on the 6th of August after signing up!! it was not as successful as I would have wished it to be... well I did get some orders!!
So as soon as I learn how to upload my creative art work here...... I shall let yu'll know..... until then keep happy and enjoy the rainy English summer... Hee Hee