Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, I am back.......

Since the last time I have posted, many things have happened, our conservatory is complete and we moved in and enjoying the space!! and since its summer here in England .... doing a bit of outdoor work has kept me busy.... and my dreadful tooth ache, which almost killed me!!
Only the good they die young???
Yesterday was a great day, as my Stampin-up Up-line came to visit with me, she was overwhelmed with all the stamping stuff I have.... we had a good few hours to chat and she helped me with my ordering, well she also took some photos for her blog.... I am yet to learn how to use my sophisticated high end cybershot camera I got last christmas!! here is the link to her blog just in case she has put them there!!
I have also joined Kathy, at the South England Yahoo Group!! although we have not met in person yet, I feel that we have a past life karma... you will understand it when you visit her blog!!
Well I had my first workshop on the 6th of August after signing up!! it was not as successful as I would have wished it to be... well I did get some orders!!
So as soon as I learn how to upload my creative art work here...... I shall let yu'll know..... until then keep happy and enjoy the rainy English summer... Hee Hee

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