Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oooooooooh Feel Good!!!

Yesterday, was Busy.... had to go for an intervew to the JobCentre - to obtain my National Insurance no. - all went well, the guy who collected my documents was interested in talking non stop.... unlike a guy, but then I have that hidden charishma ......(she smiles quitely to herself)!!

Well, since I started my job hunt three weeks ago, its been good - have registered with quite a few good job agencies -hopefully will have something soon!!

Today, I met another agency with a very interesting lady that met with me!! boy, I would like to keep in touch with her otherwise apart from the interview aspect and job hunt dilemma!! not to mention she lives just down the road.... from where we live in our temporary home!

Have to go the phone is ringing shall come back later.............

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