Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze

I woke up to the very sad news on Tuesday to hear Patrick Swayze had died - I was crazy about Dirty Dancing when it came out, and the movie Ghost?!! My husband and I watched an interview with him and his wife a little while ago on TV, He was so positive and his wife seemed so in love and supportive of him and his fight against the cancer. I really liked him as an actor and he seems to have been a good man in real life. Such a sad loss of someone so young, really thinking of his family today.

Have a nice day!


fairymadjo said...

its such a shame hun,
he was a great guy , :( huggs jo x

Shirley said...

Hi Germaine, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been too busy to blog hop and that is awful!!! I have been keeping the IO blog up to date too. I wanted to let you know Denise Taylor has just started her own blog. She is from TJ and lives in NZ. A really talented lady! Take a look and hugs for stopping in to see me.


Shirley said...

Shoot~ I got so excited from your stopping by that I forgot to say that I was a Patrick fan too. Besides his talent I liked his way of sticking to his guns and his point of view, even when it wasn't like others. His wife and private life came first. He liked acting and made a living at it, but it wasn't what gave him who he was. So sad and too soon.