Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hooray... the New Stampin-up Catalogue 2009-2010

is here, I am very excited about it! Although, we as demonstrators have had a sneak copy earlier than today, I have not been able to demo or show off any of the new stuff... as you all know, I am suffering with pain and there seems to be no end to it! not to mention the allergies and side effects the meds are causing is another thing all together......... well I shall not bore you with my miseries....
I put in the mail copies of the catalogues to all my lovely customers that support me with my hobby and business!!
Have fun when you receive your copy and I am hoping to organise a workshop soon!
Have a nice day!

1 comment:

fairymadjo said...

hi hun,
hope your doing better , i hope i get a catalogue ? lol huggs jo x